We maintain a select inventory of specialty tools in order to ensure we respond to our customers’ electrical needs swiftly and efficiently.

Whether it’s a complex installation, emergency repair, or routine maintenance, having a well-equipped arsenal of specialized equipment allows us to tackle any electrical project with confidence.

Some of the specialty tools are:

Ditch Witch Subsite Fault Locator

We use our Ditch Witch Subsite Fault Locator to find broken underground or encased circuits. This specialty tool is the latest technology that enables us to locate problem areas while avoiding unnecessary digging.

Ditch Witch Trencher

Our model 1820 Ditch Witch Trencher enables us to do on-site trenching. This machine allows us to provide the complete coordination of most jobs while avoiding the time and expense of subcontractors.

Ditch Witch walk-behind trencher
Giombetti Electric, Inc.’s Ditch Witch trencher in action in Marlboro, MA

Genie Scissor Lift and Lift-A-Load Elevating Platform Trailer

Our Genie Scissor Lift empowers our team to work smarter, safer and reach new heights of productivity!

Our Lift-A-Load Elevating Platform Trailer allows us to deliver our scissor lift either as a ground or dock delivery where and when we need it.

Fluke Power Logger

Our Fluke Power Logger helps us monitor and evaluate power consumption in buildings.

AMP® Copalum Aluminum Crimping Tool

Our AMP® Copalum crimping tool allows us to service homes, apartment buildings and condos with old technology aluminum wiring. Learn more about Copalum Aluminum Crimping services.

Bucket Truck

Safety is important to us, and our bucket truck is designed with the latest safety features to ensure the well-being of our operators and those around the work site.

Our bucket truck with a 54’ working height enables us to accept height-challenging jobs with confidence and efficiency.

Equipped with a 1000 lb. JIB, this allows us to set light poles efficiently. Our bucket truck is a versatile solution for a wide range of tasks that require working at elevated heights.

The insulated extendable boom and flexible maneuverability of our bucket truck allow us to reach even the most challenging locations, providing access to areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Whether it’s maintenance, repairs, installations, or any other height-challenging job, our skilled operators and reliable equipment ensure that the job is completed safely and with precision.

Bucket truck owned by Giombetti Electric

These tools are a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality electrical services.