EV charging station installations have been added to our services! We install both commercial and residential electric vehicle charging stations from Weston to Acton, Bedford to Sudbury, and all the Massachusetts cities and towns in between.

Why choose the master electricians at Giombetti Electric Inc. to install your electric vehicle charging station?

Let’s start with our reputation for delivering reliable electrical services.







Let’s add our electrical experience! We’ve been delivering reliable residential electrical services and commercial electrical services for over 30 years!

Finally, let’s add our modus operandi! We are professional electricians who take pride in our work. We arrive on time, respect your property, treat the members of your household with respect, and, clean up when we leave for the day. Our clients have high praise for our electrical craftsmanship.

Our master electricians are available to answer your questions about EV chargers. Call us at (508) 481-3299 to learn more about commercial and home electric car charger installations.

Home EV Charging Station Installation Considerations

EV charger station portability: Do you want to be able to carry your EV charging station to other areas of your home? If so, is a longer cord or hose preferred?

EV charger station location: You need an electric panel installed within 10 to 20 feet of where you park your electric vehicle. Oftentimes, this is a garage or driveway.

Budget for EV charger station installation: Some charging stations will cost more depending on their features. We’ll talk about the different electric vehicle charger stations’ features and budget options during our initial conversations.

EV charger type: A level 2 charger is the most common home EV charger type. A level 2 charger requires a connection to a 240V electrical outlet (standard home dryer connection).

EV charger station installation date: Call us at (508) 481-3299 to schedule your electric vehicle charger station installation today!

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