You may have noticed that our logo is a little different. Not your typical symbol for electrical contractors!

Over the years, lots of folks have inquired, and, we gladly share the story of how it came to be. The story is:

Before Giombetti Electric, Inc. was established

Prior to starting Giombetti Electric, Inc., Don Giombetti was in the U.S. Air Force and stationed at Plattsburg AFB in New York.

Don was a weapons mechanic in the 40th Munitions Maintenance Squadron. He loaded nuclear weapons onto aircraft.

His team was asked to come up with an emblem to put on their trucks.

Don and his team created a logo featuring a man holding a wrench with an atomic explosion in the background and a lightning bolt.

Giombetti Electric logo predecessor
Logo created while Don Giombetti was in the Air Force
Giombetti Electric logo
Current Logo

The emblem conveys the idea of human progress, highlighting the distance we’ve traveled from our caveman ancestors to our development of nuclear power.

When Don left the service, he took the logo with him and transformed it into the design it is today.